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Golden Prairie District

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Importance of a

4-H Officer


            Every successful 4-H Club has a good team of officers. Through leadership and organization club officers create teamwork and cooperation between themselves and the other members of their club. Each officer holds an important job and that job is to make their club the best that it can be as well as making each member of their club successful. It is truly an honor to be a 4-H Club Officer and like any other honor, it carries responsibilities.   The success of a 4-H Club depends on the officer’s ability to include all other club members and to work hand in hand with them.  Officers work together to use parliamentary procedure to guide members through organized meetings. Each officer has general responsibilities to the group and specific duties of his or her elected office. An officer is to:

Represent a large and respected organization

4-H club officers represent their local clubs and the 4-H program throughout the state. Officers’ skills and abilities, standards and ideals, and even their smiles represent other 4-H members. This responsibility exists at all times, not just at 4‑H meetings. Remember, people who are not familiar with 4-H may judge it by its officers!

Help plan and carry out club activities

4-H members and officers plan and carry out activities. Officers must take initiative to work closely with leaders to plan and carry out club activities. Your leader is your adviser.

 • Help every member find a place in the club

A 4-H club does well and grows when every member participates. Officers need to make sure every member has a chance to contribute.

• Set standards

Officers can set high standards by performing their duties well. Officers, together with club leaders, should set club goals at the beginning of the year. It is important to post the club’s goals and then report on the progress and accomplishments throughout the year. Every officer should know the club goals of 4-H and be able to talk with others about the 4-H program.


Holding a club office is very important because without successful 4-H clubs we wouldn’t have successful 4-H programs.  As a club officer you are teaching other club members about how 4-H is not just an organization, it is a family. So I encourage all
4-H’ers to step up and fill these leadership rolls to the best of their ability. Just remember you are responsible for shaping the kind of experience other 4’H’ers will have in 4-H!


4-H Youth Development

4-H Clover4-H is an opportunity for youth ages 7-19 to learn more about their community (Citizenship); be role models and teach others (Leadership); and explore interest areas that will offer ongoing learning (Life Skills).

We also have a Clover Buds Program for youth ages 5-6!!

Visit the Kansas 4-H website to learn more about program offerings, activities and opportunities available to you.

Kansas 4-H Website

For more information about joining a 4-H club or other opportunities available through 4-H in The Golden Prairie District just give us a call!

Kansas 4-H Mission

With unique strategies and opportunities, Kansas 4-H Youth Development engages youth in reaching their full potential through partnerships with caring adults.

The four H's of 4-H represent:

Head-critical thinking, problem solving
Heart-self-discipline, integrity, communication
Hands-serving others
Health-choosing healthy lifestyles