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Golden Prairie District

Upcoming 4-H Statewide Events

Space-Tech Day Camp

Trego County:                Gove County:                 Logan County:

August 3rd                    August 4th                     August 5th

4-H Building              Grainfield Ext. Office          Co. Office Basement

                                                                          Meeting Room

785-743-6361              785-673-4805                 785-671-3245


4-H VIRTUAL Insect Spectacular

4-H Campference 2020




Project Goals

Do you have your projects picked out for what you will be doing this 2018-2019 4-H year? Great! Now what?? You need to set some goals for your project. Is there something you want to accomplish with this project? Are you wanting to do a KAP with this project? These are just a couple of questions you need to be asking yourself for your project. Below is a link you can use for help with setting a project goal and what is needed for a KAP. They will also be avaliable to the right for future use. If you have any questions feel free to ask your club leader or your local extension office.

Setting 4-H Project Goals

KAP Instructions

Still needing to pick a project out? Or do you want a little more information about a certain project? This Project Selection Guide can help you out.


4-H Youth Development

4-H Clover4-H is an opportunity for youth ages 7-19 to learn more about their community (Citizenship); be role models and teach others (Leadership); and explore interest areas that will offer ongoing learning (Life Skills).

We also have a Clover Buds Program for youth ages 5-6!!

Visit the Kansas 4-H website to learn more about program offerings, activities and opportunities available to you.

Kansas 4-H Website

For more information about joining a 4-H club or other opportunities available through 4-H in The Golden Prairie District just give us a call!

Kansas 4-H Mission

With unique strategies and opportunities, Kansas 4-H Youth Development engages youth in reaching their full potential through partnerships with caring adults.

The four H's of 4-H represent:

Head-critical thinking, problem solving
Heart-self-discipline, integrity, communication
Hands-serving others
Health-choosing healthy lifestyles





Upcoming 4-H National Events

National 4-H Shooting Sports Events in-person summer events have been CANCELED from April 2, 2020 to year's end. Stay tuned for Shooting Sports Teen Ambassador Training opportunities as they become available in an online format - to be announced by May 1, 2020.