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Golden Prairie District

Grainfield Office
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Oakley Office
710 W 2nd
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WaKeeney Office
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Project Goals

Do you have your projects picked out for what you will be doing this 2018-2019 4-H year? Great! Now what?? You need to set some goals for your project. Is there something you want to accomplish with this project? Are you wanting to do a KAP with this project? These are just a couple of questions you need to be asking yourself for your project. Below is a link you can use for help with setting a project goal and what is needed for a KAP. They will also be avaliable to the right for future use. If you have any questions feel free to ask your club leader or your local extension office.

Setting 4-H Project Goals

KAP Instructions


Still needing to pick a project out? Or do you want a little more information about a certain project? This Project Selection Guide can help you out.


4-H Youth Development

4-H Clover4-H is an opportunity for youth ages 7-19 to learn more about their community (Citizenship); be role models and teach others (Leadership); and explore interest areas that will offer ongoing learning (Life Skills).

We also have a Clover Buds Program for youth ages 5-6!!

Visit the Kansas 4-H website to learn more about program offerings, activities and opportunities available to you.

Kansas 4-H Website

For more information about joining a 4-H club or other opportunities available through 4-H in The Golden Prairie District just give us a call!

Kansas 4-H Mission

With unique strategies and opportunities, Kansas 4-H Youth Development engages youth in reaching their full potential through partnerships with caring adults.

The four H's of 4-H represent:

Head-critical thinking, problem solving
Heart-self-discipline, integrity, communication
Hands-serving others
Health-choosing healthy lifestyles


Upcoming 4-H Statewide Events


June 25, 2019  State Fair Book Correction for Food Preservation

July 3,2019  Nomination Corrections Due July 15

Incomplete Nominations

If you have an incomplete nomination, highlighted in red on the report, please submit your corrections as soon as possible. The deadline to correct state livestock nominations is July 15. Animals that remain incomplete after that date will be ineligible for both state shows. If you have an incomplete, you also received a letter in the mail outlining the process to rectify your nomination, as well as an email (from adhayes@ksu.edu). Additionally, we encourage you to verify the animals listed on the report/on your personal family letter are accurate.


State Show Entry Information:

Finally, please remember that nomination DOES NOT constitute entry. It only makes your market animals and commercial females eligible to be shown. You must enter each individual exhibitor in the show in which they would like to participate. It is up to your family whether you participate in the Kansas State Fair Grand Drive, KJLS, or both. If you do not enter and pay the fees directly to the show, the child will not be permitted to exhibit. Both shows require online entries. Entry information is provided below. If you have any entry questions, please contact the show directly. Each of them manage their own rules, entries, and entry systems, so they will be able to answer your questions more effectively. You will need to have your family KSU Nomination # and YQCA certification number for each exhibitor handy upon entering the ShoWorks system.

August 1, 2019 Kansas 4-H Horse Show Entry Registration

August 8, 2019 4-H State Wheat Expo