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Golden Prairie District

4-H Shooting Sports HS-SB-MZ Relays & Schedule

Registration will occur at each individual range specific to the discipline.

  • Hunting Skills
    • Registration 7:30-8
      • Competition- 8-11am
  • Small Bore (Rifle and Pistol)
    • Registration Relay 1-8:00-8:30
      • Relay 1-8:30-12:00
    • Registration Relay 2-12:30-1:00 PM
      • Relay 2-1:00 - 3:30
  • Muzzleloading
    • Registration Relay 1-8:30-9:00
      • Relay 1-9:00-12:00
    • Registration Relay 2-12:30-1:00
      • Relay 2-1:00-4:00

Concessions will be available this year. And, an awards ceremony will be held in the afternoon at the conclusion of the match after final scores are tabulated.

General Match Reminders

  • Participants must check in on time.
  • Coaches will confirm teams at Check-In.
  • The youth must be present for Equipment Check.

This event is sanctioned by K-State Research and Extension (KSRE) and therefore is subject to their guidelines and policies. KSRE has the right to change/modify any of these match policies/rules at any time including but not limited to cancellation of the match.



The selection process for the National Match includes an application process. The application allows a youth to be eligible for team selection. The applications for the 2022 National Match are now being accepted.  Nancy Becker, Riley/Pottawatomie County Shooting Sports Volunteer & National Match Coordinator, will be working with Agents and families in all disciplines to determine the team members and coaches that will represent Kansas. The fall deadline has changed this year. The deadline for submitting applications for Archery, Hunting Skills, Muzzleloading, Shotgun, Small Bore Pistol, and Small Bore Rifle disciplines is October 15, 2021.


All teams except Air Pistol and Air Rifle will be filled and declared by November 1, 2021.If you are selected for aNational Team spot in Archery, Hunting Skills, Muzzleloading, Shotgun, Small Bore Pistol, or Small Bore Rifle,you will not be eligible for an Air Pistol or Air Rifle National Team spot.


Applications and accompanying registration fees MUST arrive IN the State 4-H Office no later than 5:00 p.m. Friday, October 15, 2021. This is not a postmarked by date.This allows time to make team selections, appoint team coaches, and allow fall disciplines enough time to coordinate practice dates beginning in January after the holidays. Late registrations will not be accepted. The application is attached and can also be found here.


The attached form needs to be filled out and sent with registration fee to the State 4-H Office. Checks are to be made out to KS 4-H Foundationfor the registration fee. This is a tentative registration fee – if the true 2022 registration fee is higher you will be responsible for the difference if you are selected to be on the 2022 National Kansas Team. Checks and forms are held until the teams are decided but will be returned for those youth not chosen. Teams are chosen based on how shooters place at each state match. A team is composed of up to four shooters per discipline. Our goal is to take a full team of four in each discipline. A list of eligible youth will be posted after the state matches. Those who have already gone in a discipline or who are ineligible to attend due to age restrictions will not be listed. The top 4 eligible individuals in each discipline will have first choice to be on the team (must turn in application), then we will fill in the rest of the team spots in order by eligibility and applications received. Note that a “senior 4-Her” can attend the National Match until they age out of 4-H, but can only shoot a given discipline once per National 4-H General Rules.


Many shooters do not wish to attend, or choose to go in a different discipline, so we encourage anyone who is interested in attending the match to fill out an application.


Coaches are also needed! Coaches should be certified instructors and will be expected to setup practices for the team, verify shooters have proper equipment and know the rules for their discipline before arriving at the National Match. If you are interested or know of someone that is, let us know.