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Golden Prairie District

Logan County Fair

Logan County Fair | July 21-27, 2024

Fair 2023 Theme

2024 Logan County Fair Book 

Logan County 4-H FairEntry Website

2024 Logan County Fair Schedule 

2024 Family Packet Letter Information


2024 Logan Co. Fair Schedules

Arts & Crafts Schedule

Foods Schedule

4-H Fair Orientation

Fair Entry How To Video

Fair Orientation Slides

4-H Fair Forms

4-H & Open Class Dog Show Registration Form

4-H Clothing Record/Fashion Revue Script Information

4-H Cost Per Wear Form/Fashion Revue Scorecard

4-H Rocketry Exhibit Form

Project Preparation Information

Preparing Baked Foods Exhibits

Food Safety of Frostings & Fillings

4-H Poultry Fitting & Showmanship 

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