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Tractor/Farm Safety Course on April 30th

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2022 HOT Social Media Graphic 1

2022 Kansas Youth Livestock State Nomination Process Rookie Guide


4-H Shooting Sports HS-SB-MZ Relays & Schedule

  1. 2021 HB/SB/MZ State MatchRelays
  2. 2022 National Match Registration letter
  3. 2022 National Registration Form - Fall

4-H Club Day

4-H Club Day is an event which gives participants an opportunity to tell others about their 4-H projects and demonstrate their talents and abilities. Presentations such as talks, demonstrations, speeches, skits, music and dance are judged and awarded ribbons.

4-H Club Day Event Description


For more information and score sheets on Club Day Events, please go check out the Kansas 4-H Communications Project page.
4-H Officer Training 

4-H Officer Training is intended to provide our 4-H youth with the tools and resources needed to serve in their role as elected officers of their 4-H Club or Council.